Breakfast in Vienna I – Café Leopold

June 2, 2012

Café Leopold terrace

Café Leopold terrace

There is a little confession I want to make: I am not a morning person. Usually. While I generally prefer to get up rather early, you will have a bad time talking to me before I haven’t washed my face and had the first cup of tea of the day. This cup would preferably be a Darjeeling but Earl Gray or English Breakfast works too.

Some days are different though. Today for example.

I had the pleasure to have brunch with my girl friends at a really lovely place in Vienna. And here’s another fact about me: I love breakfast. And brunch, or any kind of meal really. So, naturally, I was in a good mood right after waking up way before my alarm clock would ring. Even though it was slightly raining and dark clouds promised some serious downpour later on.

Half an hour before meeting time I got on my bicycle and enjoyed riding past some of the most famous and beautiful buildings in Vienna such as the Town Hall, Volkstheatre, the University as well as the Kunsthistorische Museum and the Naturhistorische Museum right next to the Museumsquarter or MQ. Generally speaking, I think the bicycle track network in Vienna has a lot of room for improvement and often is not only inconvenient to use but virtually dangerous in parts. Nevertheless I am always in awe of the impressive monuments I can gaze at basically on a daily basis and therefore enjoy the city rides as much as possible.

Speaking of bicycle tracks in Vienna: especially at the Ring, people (tourists in particular) have difficulties identifying the bicycle lane. So I have a humble request to you, if you are planning on visiting Vienna and do not mind paying a little extra attention: please look out for signage that indicates bicycle tracks as you can save cyclists a lot of inconvenience by using the pedestrian part of the Ring.

But I was not going to write about cycling in Vienna. My target in MQ today was Café Leopold. At MQ you find a wide range of cafés, restaurants and bars so really you can go there any time of day and any day of the week. So far I haven’t been disappointed by any of them. Café Leopold offers something special though: weekend brunch!

Weekend brunch consists of tea or coffee, soup, pancakes (to die for!) with applesauce and blueberries, smoked salmon, baguette, toast, butter and juice. Besides that you can order other kinds of breakfast too: Vienna breakfast with famous hand made ‘Kaisersemmeln‘ and delicious house made jam (try it, it’s awesome!), typical English Brakfast or Oriental Brunch with a twist, amongst others. Just talking about it makes me hungry again! There is also a diversity of drinks to chose from. Orange-carrot-ginger-juice being one of my favorites, followed by what I consider the best iced coffee in town.

As we were all starving I forgot to take a picture of our table, so you might just want to trust me on this one: it all tastes as delicious as it looks.

Concerning prices it is slightly higher priced but still not really expensive. Breakfast costs around €8.50 including one cup of coffee or tea. If you know you are going, it is worth placing a reservation as the café is popular with locals and tourists likewise and therefore almost always full. On a sunny day you might want to sit on the roof terrace which is a little hidden. Follow the stairs all the way up, there is also an elevator, though not up to the terrace I think.

In the nice atmosphere it is easy to get caught up in talks with your friends and two or more hours are easily spent there. Is there any better way to start the day? Not for me, anyway.

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